As a teacher I always strive to achieve a students’ maximum potential considering their creative capacities. Therefore, I like to introduce the students to styles that give them a broader perspective on what music can offer them in their lives.

What are the costs of a guitar lesson?

  • One private lesson, 40 minutes.
  • 35,-
  • Weekly private lessons, 20 minutes.
  • 600,-
  • Weekly lesson for two, 30 minutes (price is p/p).
  • 450,-
  • One private lesson, 60 minutes.
  • 50,-

21+ hoger tarief

Leerlingen vanaf 21 jaar betalen 21% BTW bovenop de genoemde prijzen.

Plus arrangement students ‘de Muziekunie’ SED :

Frequently Asked Questions: FAQ

How long do the lessons take?

As a basis 20 minutes a week, but they can of course be extended when necessary against extra costs or, for instance, 1×40 minutes in a fortnight.

Do I have lessons every week?

The season has 38 lessons in which we follow the schedule of regional schools for holidays.
Naturally, there are many different configurations: from a one-time lesson on request up to a monthly lesson of 45 minutes. Group lessons are also part of the possibilities.

What styles/genres can be learned?

What styles/genres can be learned?

  • Fingerstyle
  • Classical
  • Pop
  • Singer-songwriter/song guidance
  • Flamenco
  • Tango
  • Improvised music such as Jazz and Hot club

In the basis of 1 or 2 years, the student is familiarized with the guitar in the form of a good posture, different strumming techniques, learns to play the entire fretboard/neck, learns to play from sheet music and gets acquainted with various music styles.

Which guitar is suitable for me?

This is always best discussed during a trial lesson or during the period when the students are developing themselves in the direction of a certain music style.

As acoustic guitars go, there are two main categories: the nylon string guitars and the steel string guitars, each with their variations.

In the group of electric guitars, beside ‘the plank’ there is also the semi acoustic versions, always in combination with an amplifier.

What are the costs of a guitar?

At a minimum price of 150 euros, you can buy a well-playing instrument that sounds good. At the start, a second-hand guitar might be a good option since a good instrument can mostly be bought for half the price. It is always fun to purchase a new, ‘better’ guitar every few years. It motivates and invites you to play it more often.

Is the customer always right?

Naturally I give every student different lessons fitting with their talents and development but I also consider it my task to acquaintance the student with different forms of music. Free choice: yes, but then I strive to create a wide range to choose from. It is always a beautiful result when students find the music that fits them like a glove. Check out the testimonials where some of my former students give their opinion.

Waar vind ik inspiratie voor mijn spreekbeurt of werkstuk?

‘As a very musical and inspiring teacher with a world of different music styles in his repertoire, Pieter is still my Guru for guitar lessons and life lessons, in particular.’

Tim PanmanMaster opleiding Argentenean Tangoguitar bij Codarts, uitvoerend musicus, gitaardocentWebsite

‘From when I was 8 years old, Pieter Nanne encouraged and inspired me while playing the guitar. After the basics, he introduced me to the fingerstyle by Andy McKee and Tommy Emmanuel. Subsequently, he has been guiding me more and more in writing my own work until I was ready to stand on my own two feet to work on my career as a singer-songwriter.’

Sven ReusSinger-songwriterWebsite

‘Pieter’s lessons have inspired me to solely focus on music. He has prepared me for the Jazzguitar education at the University of Arts (conservatorium).’

Menno BruinSinger-songwriter - Docent muziek RSGWebsite

‘Pieter has always motivated me to tell my own story in the classical guitar music and has always supported me in this.’

Sjoerd Terpstrastudent Natuurkunde UvA Amsterdam

‘Pieter’s inspiring guitar lessons gladly make me travel an hour and a half by car every week.’

Conny van GaansLeerling


As organiser and guardian of the objective of the Stichtingen Gitaarsalon (Guitarfestival Enkhuizen) and Guitar Canon, I am closely involved with the coordination of these internationally operating guitar platforms.


Pieter Nanne

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