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Pieter Nanne and Audry Fecherolle produce their own music as well as their existing guitar repertoire under this name, which can be used as support during meditation and yoga lessons.

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It is mostly a wonderful way to relax in those moments where the world outside has been closed off and the music takes you away to process all the happenings of that day. No synthetic sounds, just pure nature with only the guitar in all its simplicity and an abundance of eloquence. Aside from instrumental guitar music, Pieter Nanne combines many of his pieces with inspiring texts and stories by Audry Fecherolle.



As organiser and guardian of the objective of the Stichtingen Gitaarsalon (Guitarfestival Enkhuizen) and Guitar Canon, I am closely involved with the coordination of these internationally operating guitar platforms.


Pieter Nanne

Tel: 06 22 92 15 05
E-mail: info@pieternanne.nl